Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why your kids should watch the 2016 Summer Olympics on TV

Have your kids been watching the trials for the 2016 Summer Olympics on TV? Our daughter has! Most of the trials are complete now. The USA Women’s Gymnastics team may be one of the most powerful ever. Coaches finalized the roster for the USA Women’s Soccer team yesterday, with seven returning athletes who took the USA to gold in 2012. Michael Phelps will once again compete in swimming events. Over 300 competitions in 28 sports will test the strength, perseverance, and talent of athletes from around the world. The opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics will take place on August 5 in Rio. Make a point for family TV time to watch several of the Olympic events.

 Why should your kids watch the 2016 Summer Olympics on TV?

World Culture – The Olympic Games bring together countries from all over the globe, and it is always interesting to see the differences each culture can bring. Children who watch Olympics coverage on TV can see how truly beautiful it is that we are all so different. They will see athletes with a multitude of skin colors, body builds, hair types. They will see those athletes compete together in one big event that celebrates them all. The opening ceremony, while probably best for kids with the ability to fast-forward (DVR it!), is a great way to observe and discuss the costumes and looks from nations around the world.

Sportsmanship – Perhaps the USA Women’s Gymnastics team falters and does not snag the gold? What if the top runner in the world does not win his race? No Olympic medal is ever a given. The Summer Olympics bring challenges and surprises, and there will be some upsets. Children need to know how to lose gracefully because we cannot always win. Seeing the best competitors in the world will illustrate what it means to win kindly and lose gracefully.  

National Pride – How fun is it to chant “USA! USA!” and root for the home hero?  Watching the Summer Olympics on TV with your kids can open up a conversation about national pride. We are lucky to live in this great country. Sure, we have political issues and a lot of heartache right now – but many people in developing worlds would give anything to be where we are.
Go Team USA!

For Olympics coverage and schedules, visit the NBC Olympics site.

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