Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympics fun for little ones!

I can take no credit for these awesome crafts and ideas... but let me tell you, Amelia has a fantastic preschool! She has been attending her school camp all summer long. Each week has a theme for the entire school. From decorations to crafts and activities, these theme weeks have been just perfect.

Last week? The Olympics, of course! Check out the crafty gear she came home with on Thursday:

Olympics crafts for a preschooler - supplies:
  • Empty paper towel roll
  • Yellow and orange tissue paper (2 sheets each)
  • Five dessert-sized paper plates
  • One large paper plate
  • Tape
  • Several sheets of thick paper (or substitue yellow & green construction paper)
  • Thick red, white, & blue ribbon
  • Paint - red, green, black, yellow, and blue
  • Gold glitter
  • Marker(s)
To make the torch, stuff the tissue paper in the end of the empty paper towel roll so it sticks out, looking like a flame. Write on or decorate the torch handle with marker(s).

To make Olympic rings, paint the outer edge of five small paper plates. Once dry, cut the inside circle out of each plate. Make one cut on each plate so you can interlock the rings. Tape together on the back

To make the Olympic leaf crown, cut out leaf shapes from the paper or card stock. Paint them green, some light green and some dark green, if possible. (You could also use construction paper). Glue the leaves around the edge of a large paper plate that has the middle cut out. Cut the edge of the plate and size it to the child's head, then tape it so it can fit like a crown.

Finally, a gold medal! Cut a 5-6"circle out of paper and paint it yellow (or use construction paper). Write on the medal and decorate with gold glitter. Measure a piece of ribbon the right length for the child, making sure it is long enough to take on & off over the head. Attach the gold medal to the ends of the ribbon using tape, glue, or a staple.

Now with these amazing Olympics-themed crafts, your kiddo can be Olympics-ready! The kids at Amelia's school had a torch parade through the halls, then competed in sporting competitions including the "crab crawl" and long jump. My child is the reigning gold medalist in the crab crawl - I am so proud!
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