Thursday, August 23, 2012

What makes me smile

Aside from your kids, pets, your husband, your coffee and your wine...what makes you smile?

Fuzzy faces with round dark eyes.
Adorable small furry animals make me smile!

My daughter will be quick to tell you: she has no brother, no sister, no dog, no cat!

She actually exclaims this to complete strangers on a semi-regular basis. Without fail, they turn their sad faces downward to my little girl with a clearly audible "awwwww...". It  makes me feel more monster than Mom!

I do love pets. I grew up with a couple bunnies, Nibbles and Hops-A-Lot. In my teen years, we took in a stray cat whom we named Mr. Mistoffelees after a character in Cats, which we had seen only a day or so before he appeared, lonely and hungry, in our neighborhood. And in my final year of college, I adopted Jean Claude, my sassy gray kitty who lived in many apartments, endured a few medical mishaps, and finally floated to kitty heaven almost two years ago.

I miss Claude. My husband? Not so much. He is the final holdout in our household in regards to a new kitty. Amelia begs for one, I drop hints and try to convince him that it would be a perfect addition. He is not yet convinced. He has a knack for remembering the morning vomit discoveries, the howling during painful trips to the vet, the inconvenience of finding cat care when we want to head out on vacation. I try to forget those things.

For now, we have two cats in our neighborhood who live mostly outdoors. They are fed a couple doors down, but they seem to enjoy our backyard. Every now and then I am giddy like a child when I look out and see a fuzzy cat face looking at me. I pretend they belong to us, and we don't have to feed them or change kitty litter. 

One of my borrowed pets - see? He thinks he lives here.

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