Friday, August 10, 2012

Saturday kid who lived for the movies

Every now and then, I come across a poem or piece of writing that makes me smile. And of course, I want to share it with you - happy weekend!

The Saturday Kid
 by Alan Gilbert

I was the Saturday kid
Who lived for the movies,
That magic arena
Where fantasies play.
I rode on the prairie
And dived in the ocean,
Then stayed in a rapture
The rest of the day.

I swung through the trees
When I heard Tarzan calling,
For those ivory hunters
Were landing their plane.
But with moments to spare
All the elephants joined us,
And the baddies slunk off
Empty handed again.

I was out on the prairie
With the posse behind me,
Those outlaws were running
From robbing the mail.
I rode up behind them
And fired my pistol,
To a man they surrendered
Then I locked them in jail.

And as the house lights came on
We all rushed for the exit,
Still riding my stallion
I was out on my own.
I flew with the hawk man
And sailed after pirates,
A kid went to the movies
But a hero went home.

- - -
I found this great childhood poem here. For more on Alan Gilbert, visit his website.

What are you doing this Saturday?
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