Monday, August 20, 2012

The final first day

Today is the first day of Amelia's final year at her preschool. It has been an amazing experience.

I still remember the dilemma I faced a few months before her birth - to work or not to work? My job at the time had undeniable flaws, but I loved the work. I had hopes for the future there. Steve and I toured day care facilities around our home and my office, and each time we left feeling apathetic. They were nice enough places, but something was missing.

Until, that is, we toured the place that eventually became her school. A sigh I had been holding captive for weeks was finally released when I walked through that door. The school felt right, looked right, even smelled right. I knew it was the place, could somehow feel it in my heart. We almost did not visit this school - at the time, they had only half-day accommodations for infants. But we did visit, and I am thankful. From the first moment, I knew. I no longer had a decision to ponder; I was going to work part time.

First homework assignment
Parental intuition is a blessing! Four years and many teachers, exciting experiences, cheerful parties, and thoughtful lessons later, my baby girl is "all grown up". Her time in school gave her confidence, nurtured her love of art and her desire to learn, and developed her personality into the amazing person she is now (and will be forever). I will be sad to say goodbye.

No goodbyes for now - it is day number one. The first day of her final year. We will have many hellos, laughs, lessons, and hugs for the next nine months.

We're ready... get set... GO!

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