Friday, August 17, 2012

She's playing, I'm typing

I am the mom at the play place with an iPad and an iPhone, reading and thinking and typing away. Sometimes I feel like other moms judge... Why isn't she playing with her kid? What is she doing? She's not even paying attention!

Perhaps I am paranoid, and nobody gives a single thought to my attention level or activities. But the reality is, I have a job. I can tout my part-time hours all I want, but when a client asks, we act. That is why I love indoor, secure play areas (with wireless access!). If I take my sweet girl to play, she is old enough to run around on her own. I know she cannot leave the building. She has a blast running and jumping and squealing with delight. She usually makes a friend or two.   Meanwhile, I complete a few minutes of work, here and there while glancing up to spot the curly top pigtail I can pinpoint from across any crowded room. I am paying attention. I trust my girl. She knows to come get me if she needs anything at all.   So yep, I am that mom. The one with a screen (or two!) in front of her face, the one who is not sliding nor bouncing. But that is how it works.

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