Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Am I on your nice list? I have put a lot of effort into 2010, and I think I've done pretty well. We've had some major stresses thrown our way, and I am cautiously anticipating a quiet and peaceful start to 2011. Amelia's terrible twos nearly ground me to a pulp, but we're making progress. I've had my naughty days where I lost my patience or allowed myself to wallow in self-pity, but I have also met my challenges head-on. I am far from perfect. But I am pretty good at standing by my friends, caring for my family, and guiding my child towards independence and happiness.

If you have time to consider some grown-up wishes this year, here is my Christmas list:

  • One special day. A day where all tantrums are replaced by laughs and hugs. A stress and frustration-free day. A day consumed by fun, giggles, and smiles.
  • A chef to fix our meals. Meals that interest a kid and her slightly vegetable-averse parents. Food that is enticing and quick enough to keep me from drive-thrus on those busy days where I have to be in five places at once.
  • Storage. We're beginning to drown in toys and books. And with Christmas on the way, I'm already in a minor panic about where all the stuff is going to land. Can we expand the house? Maybe a magical switch where the toys temporarily disappear? Or at the least, how about some initiative for me to clean out the jam-packed closets? 
  • Airplane tickets - or a cruise ship. Our little family trio has a taste for travel. We want to see more beautiful places and spend vacation time together for fun and relaxation.
Actually, Santa, I will understand if these wishes remain dreams in 2011. I have what I need. So if you're short on time during your busiest month of the year, go ahead and skip me. Send your Christmas magic to the rest of my family. They have been very good and deserve something special.
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