Friday, March 4, 2011

F2F Friday: Mommy Talk Show

 Welcome to another Friends to Follow Friday!

Today I'm happy to spread the word about Mommy Talk Show. A new and unique blog, created by a former TV news anchor and a fellow Georgia mommy.

Blog name? Mommy Talk Show

When was your blog born - and why? 
I started posting in December 2010. So it's a very new blog. Mommy Talk Show was born out of my need to feel useful professionally. I'm a former TV news anchor so I'm used to going out and meeting new people everyday. Staying at home with my son along with being a newlywed in a new city made me feel very isolated and lonely, so I created something to combine my professional skills (TV news) and my passion (Motherhood).

The show features Atlanta moms who own their own businesses as guests. We tape the show family-friendly locations. Thanks to the video content on my blog if I ever return to my TV career I'll have plenty of material to show a potential employer.

I actually tried to start a very different blog in 2009 and failed miserably. So I had to push a lot of self-doubt out of my mind to start Mommy Talk Show. I believe this is such a better fit for me. When we wrapped up taping the last segment of the premiere webisode of Mommy Talk Show I was in tears. I felt useful again and productive. Plus I'd just spent an hour with a wonderful group of moms talking openly and honestly about our challenges.

My husband, a TV promotions producer, videotaped the show and I could tell the moms were making TV magic because he was behind the camera nodding, smiling and looking very engaged.

If you could interview anyone for your blog, who would it be? 
Hmmmm...someone alive or dead? Just kidding! I'd love to interview Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View. I actually met her a few years ago when I was in the audience of the show and got to appear on camera and tape a "teaser" of what segment was coming up next. I don't agree with her politically. But I have a ton of respect for her as a mom of three with a TV career. Maybe I can learn some work-life balance tips from her.

The writer behind the words - five adjectives that describe you?
Hungry, Sleepy, Dedicated, Loving, Lonely

Something that recently made you laugh?
My son A.J.'s giggles when I tickle him made me laugh and make my day. I usually hit an brick wall in terms of energy around 7 p.m. after being home with him all day. So if I get in a good ticklefest the sound of his delighted delirium lifts my spirits and gets me through his bath time, then I eat dinner and pass out.

A favorite photo? Tell us about it.

This is a photo of my son, A.J. and my husband, Antoine. It was taken at the first birthday party A.J. attended. It shows my husband's adoration for my son. They have such a loving relationship that's quite different from my relationship with our son. My husband like to play rough with A.J. to toughen him up. I'm always being gentle with him. So I guess we offer him the Yin/Yang of life.

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