Friday, February 22, 2013

Knock on my door...

(A bit busy this week... enjoy this one from my archives!)
- - -

If you knock on my door unexpectedly, I cannot promise you will see this family's best. Sweatshirts, no makeup, and toussled hair from playtime would be more likely.

If you come inside, I cannot promise you won't step on stray toys.

If you glance in the kitchen, I cannot promise you will see a sink free of dishes. In fact, you'll probably guess what we ate for lunch that day.

You see, I learned early on that cleaning can wait. I would clean myself in circles if I picked up each and every game, crayon, puzzle, or princess dress. Sometimes playtime pulls me away from those lunch dishes. Occasionally the sunshine drags us outside.

We do a family clean-up each evening. We go to bed with a neat home, ready to start again with fun in the morning. I like to wake up to a fresh start, but live life to the fullest during the day.

Life does not wait, but the mess will.

So if you're thinking of paying us a little visit?
Know that friends are always welcome.
Just enter at your own risk.

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