Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Their hearts have mine

Sometimes I like to see what I was writing one year ago. This one is worthy of a revival from the archives. I still listen to them at night. They continue to have many perfect moments. My girl LOVES her Daddy!
- - -

I am eavesdropping, creeping softly to peek through the cracked door. The room is dim, lit only by the glow of a princess nightlight. My little girl, growing bigger very day, is quiet. Her head rests on Daddy's chest and his fingers gently comb her soft waves of hair.

"Daddy? What's that sound in there?"

"You mean my heart?"

"Yeah... Your heart..." she pauses In that preschooler way that leaves you anticipating more (there is always more), "Why is it stuck inside?"

"Well, that's where it lives."

"And Daddy?", again with the pause... "What is it saying to me?"

To which Daddy, her very own handsome prince, replies, "It's saying I love you, I love you."

She presses her smooth little cheek against his chest one more time. I cannot see much in the dusky room, but I can somehow hear her relax. I know she is smiling a perfectly contented smile.

"Daddy...... my heart says it loves you too."

I know my husband is smiling with her.
And although I am hiding from this special moment, I also crack a smile.

Boom boom,
boom boom....
My heart calls out to them both.
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