Friday, March 1, 2013

My must-have baby product

My sister is shopping for baby gear! It is a very exiting time, and I recall it can be a bit overwhelming as well. I recommend browsing online baby stores to understand the various products and decide what items you may need in each major category. Then think about how or where you may use each of the large items.

For example, we used a pack-n-play next to our bed for the first 5-6 weeks, before moving sweet baby Amelia into her own room. Where will a newborn sleep? How much space do you have? Might you also need a travel bed for the next year or two?

 We also had a lightweight snap-in stroller frame instead of one of those major travel system strollers. How much room do you have in the trunk of your car? Do you need something that isn't too heavy? How important are extra features for how you would use a stroller?

I often get asked about my must-have baby item. Obviously, we used many different things. But when I think back on those first few months, I know I could not have made it without the vibrating bouncy seat. Amelia hated the swing and she got fussy if held too long. She had an independent streak and liked to be on her own. She also had a hard time falling asleep. I could place her, snuggly in fuzzy blankets, into the bouncy seat, flip that vibrate switch, and she would allow me a few moments of peace. She took many naps in that seat. She learned to grab her feet in that seat. She chilled out and chewed on toys in that seat (while I snuck in a fast shower). The vibrating bouncy seat is a must-have!

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