Friday, March 22, 2013

"I like your glasses"

You know... no one tells me that they "like my glasses". However, this seems to be the #1 most common statement anyone says to my child. Amelia hears this comment at least twice a week, usually more. At the dentist the other day? Four people told Amelia, "I like your glasses" in a span of ten minutes.

The first couple times, she smiled and quietly expressed thanks.

The third time, she grinned, then hugged me.

The fourth time, she looked at the ground.  

Amelia, now a few weeks from turning five, has begun to question her glasses. Why does she have to wear them? How long does she have to wear them? Are her glasses forever? She really doesn't need strangers to convince her that her glasses are the focal point of her being.

Of course she looks gorgeous in her wire rims with pink temples. And I completely understand that people believe they are being nice or helpful... but I wish "well-meaning" adults would stop bringing attention to Amelia's glasses every time we set foot inside a store - or a dentist's office.  Amelia has a fun and funky fashion sense - why not comment on her fuzzy, sparkly pink boots? Or her jewelry? Or her gorgeous curly hair that looks amazing in any weather, including humidity? Or how about saying, "what a cute girl you are!"?

This used to happen before she had glasses.

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For a plethora of information on children in glasses, visit Little Four Eyes - you can join the Little Four Eyes Facebook group too! 


  1. This happens to us everyday too. People say "I like you're glasses" or "you're so cute."
    Our son even used to walk up people and show off his glasses.
    I'm sorry she's starting to feel self-conscious about them.
    I wish I had some advise to share.

    I counter the attention from others by reminding him he's smart, capable and has good manners to take attention from anything on the outside.

  2. I second Joyce. Let the other take their compliments where they will, and try to notice her good deeds and actions more? It's a tough road.

  3. As I alluded to when I posted this on Little Four Eyes, we've experienced the same thing. The compliments are well-meaning, but Zoe just shuts down when she hears them. It drives me crazy.

  4. Anonymous3/25/2013

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  5. My son was a little older when he got his glasses but he experienced the same thing. I just told him that people focus on his glasses because it is something new about him. After awhile with the family it died down. Now it doesn't bother him so much. Maybe you can give her a compliment about her after the comment about her glasses. wish I had more advice.


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