Monday, March 4, 2013

I heart my BFF

Do you have a "best friend forever"?

I met my BFF when I was two years old. We were in preschool together and announced, hand-in-hand, that we were best friends. It stuck.

We lived in the same neighborhood for many years and practically had two sets of parents. I may have spent as much time with hers as I did my own. I was devastated in fourth grade when she moved away. But we did our best to keep in touch through letters and the occasional hour-long phone call. We emailed through college and spent Spring Break together.

Sister and BFF by my side: I'm one lucky girl!
We lived together briefly in an Atlanta apartment once we graduated. We married, moved our separate ways, but still keep in touch. (Thank you, Facebook!) I stood up in her wedding, and she stood by me in mine. Now we get together with husbands and children. Our girls enjoy playing together, and it is amazing to see this second generation of friendship in creation.
You know a friendship is real...

  • When it lasts for decades, despite miles of distance.
  • When you can see a friend after one year of separation and the chit-chat starts up without a moment of hesitation.
  • When she leaves supportive comments on those days when a kind word is the best medicine. 
You know a friendship is extra special when one moves halfway around the world and the other comes to visit:  Aloha!!!

We just spent 10 amazing days in HAWAII! Many pics to come. After the jet lag subsides.
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