Friday, March 8, 2013

Children's IS the best for children!

My sweet girl had an MRI this morning. It was a brain scan, ordered by her amazing and cautious pediatric ophthalmologist (because after three unsuccessful eye muscle surgeries, we want to rule out anything unexpected). It was similar to her surgeries; we arrived two hours early, asked a thousand questions, went from room to room, and watched as Amelia was evaluated, squeezed and poked by several different people.

Have you ever seen a preschooler stay totally still for 45 minutes? Neither have the folks at Children's; that's why they used sedation medication. It made for a long morning, but it was the best choice for Amelia. She woke up happy and ready to eat. Everyone expects the results to come back fine, and we will figure out the next step for her gorgeous blue eyes.

I can't say enough about the amazing experiences we have had at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta over the past 14 months. They are experts on children. They gave Amelia the attention and care she needed. We saw a giant model train and three pretty little birds in the registration area, tropical fish in the lobby, and played with bubbles in the holding room. Clowns even came by to create extra smiles! And Mama got some Starbucks.

Children are so special, and Children's really "gets" that. Thank you, wonderful people at Children's!

"All done!" smile
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