Sunday, March 31, 2013

When the week begins right

Easter was a lovely day. Amelia woke early and I let her climb into our bed. She gently kissed Daddy on his cheek and snuggled in our sheets. I took a leisurely shower while they cuddled softly. Amelia did not pressure us to hurry, or play, or to go downstairs to investigate the Easter surprises.

So quiet. So sweet.

Eventually, we went downstairs. We watched her joy as she searched for eggs and pulled goodies out of her purple straw basket. Throughout the day, we spoke with friends and family. We enjoyed a delicious meal with amazing neighbors. We worked hard to pack and clean in preparation of the move, but it felt okay. There must be something about starting the day out in peace - it sets you up for a good day.

Hopefully for a good week too.
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