Monday, March 11, 2013

How to turn vacation into a "letter of the week" lesson plan

Amelia's friends and teachers have been anxious to hear about her Hawaii vacation. She missed two weeks of school - an eternity in a preschooler's world.

Amelia wanted to talk about her trip, but she has a streak of shyness when it comes to individual attention. Also, I didn't want to take class time for vacation photos. So we had an idea...

Amelia and I sat down together and browsed through all the photo files from our trip. We identified as many objects/scenes as we could, beginning with S, the letter of the week. I selected the photos and placed them on a page, typing the word underneath.

Now Amelia can show off photos of our Hawaiian vacation, the class stays on task, and she won't feel so "on the spot" talking in front of the class. She loves the letter of the week! 

She was supposed to do this today, but alas, she is out sick. Hopefully tomorrow!
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