Friday, July 19, 2013

Ready to take #kindergarten by storm

The school supplies have been purchased.
The ever-so-important backpack selection has been made.
A few new cute (but comfortable) dresses are washed and ready.

Amelia starts kindergarten in 19 days!

Academically, I know she has what it takes. Thanks to very little help from me, she has really grown in her reading and puzzle skills over the summer. She sat down next to me just this morning and read half of Hop on Pop entirely by herself. The other day at lunch? She completed a search-a-word on her childrens' menu, again all by herself. Even the backwards words!

On the flip side, Amelia is also a somewhat shy and quiet kid -- when around kids. She chooses the sidelines during birthday parties, but she has no trouble chatting it up with adults or performing a dance routine at recital time. If she is around calm people and has some structure to her activities, she is a shining star. Amelia is going to be one of those kids with a few solid and loyal friends. For now, she will not follow the pack. I am so very proud of this quality, but I also allow the mommy in me to worry a bit. I want my amazing child to find the perfect friends. I want her to know it is okay to be silly, to understand that true friends are there through it all, from quiet chatter to wild chaos. And they will love her for her.

I really cannot wait to see what August brings. My baby girl is all grown up!

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