Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 13

Week thirteen.

Nausea is mild but unpredictable.
Headaches are frequent and sharp.
Fatigue is persistent and strong.

I am hanging in there, really, but this is hard. Moving, summer, and pregnancy do not make the best partners. This is a much bigger challenge than when I didn't have a child yet!

My brand new nephew was born a few days ago. He is adorable! Watching him sleep, listening to his squeaks, and holding his warm little snuggly body are helping me to slowly begin to get excited about what is to come in our house. It is just so hard to shake up our easy, comfortable life that we finally grooved into only a year or so ago. I am starting over after a few too many years!

I most look forward to seeing Amelia step into her role as Big Sister. Her compassion and oversized heart are going to translate into one amazing sibling. Her shine is the only thing I am completely sure about at this time!

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