Monday, July 1, 2013

All of us #beautiful

"Mommy? Who is the prettiest person in the whole world?"
A question from my five year old tonight... it's a thinker. Amelia does not believe she is a pretty girl. At only five years old, she already wonders why people look different. She worries about what is pretty and what is not.

I don't dare tell her that a prettiest person exists.
And maybe she doesn't.

We are all beautiful. Every person was made unique. Every person a miracle.

Babies are beautiful. Ugly creeps in as we let our human ways take over. Ugliness appears in the wrongs that we do, in the cruel words we use, and in the evils we allow into our hearts.

I told my sweet, sensitive, lovely little girl that no one is the prettiest in the world. We are all beautiful if we have beautiful hearts. I reassured her that she is truly pretty because she is a caring, compassionate, amazing kid. I told her that her blue eye are astounding and her soft curls amazing, but her inside love shows her true beauty. And it always will.

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