Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cute owls for the playroom!

I do not have a tremendous amount of design talent, but I love doing kid rooms. There is so much less pressure - if it is colorful and cute, then it works. Mixing and matching can be a lot of fun!

I was first inspired by a precious owl pillow from Garden Ridge, so I went with bright colors and a few friendly owl accents:

The playroom includes all of Amelia's toys, her art table, books, play kitchen, and a small nook with a TV and DVD player for quiet movie time. We needed comfortable but fun seating for movies (and for Mommy/Daddy when we need to be in there with her). These bright green saucer chairs from Garden Ridge are perfect! Fun and funky, but really comfortable! Even suitable for my 6'1" husband. A lot of kid chairs are terrible for him.

The cute frames were only about $5 from Kirkland's, and I bought an owl poster from Hobby Lobby to cut up. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a big poster and cutting to fit into several small frames vs. searching for many small prints. I have even done this for some frames in the main part of the house - no one knows it was once "just" a poster.

So there you have it... one more cute and happy room for our new home!

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