Thursday, June 20, 2013

iPhone shuffle

 My iPhone pretty much rules my life. the calendar tells me where to be, when to make a phone call, when to go to the bank... it even beeps to remind me to pick up my kid from wherever she may be that day. My iPhone houses my email, some great impromptu photos, and music.

Today, I touched the music icon and hit shuffle:

-Cirque Du Soleil

From Mystere Live. Steve and I saw this before we were married, on one of our very first vacations together. Las Vegas!

This was the trip where I won $50 with my first coin in a slot machine (and promptly lost it within a day, since I erroneously believed it was "so easy!". I think they rig that front lobby slot machine for this very reason.)

The vacation where I felt so grown up; paying my share with money from my very first out-of-college, big-city job.

  ... where we learned that the monorail system shuts down rather early (in Las Vegas time) and taxis cost a fortune.

  ... where I screamed my way through a roller coaster ride in a pretend New York City and shot myself up a giant pole at the top of the Stratosphere.

  ... where I wore a shirt that showed my belly button - the one and only time. (Tame for Vegas, horribly embarrassing back home.)

Mystere was our big splurge; tickets were about $90, I think. We were shocked to find we were in the front row. I actually ended up interacting with a character during the performance - my shining moment of Vegas stardom! The show was like nothing we had ever seen, mesmerizing and confusing. But magical. I have seen five or six more Cirque shows since. And yes, we bought the souvenir CD.

I married my adventure buddy years later, and travel remains an important part of our lives. Five-year old Amelia has seen many of the country's most beautiful places already.

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