Friday, June 14, 2013

My 5 yr old's favorite Ipad apps

Amelia is growing up very quickly. She is starting to read and spell, she can count, and she even knows a good bit of Spanish! Recently, we cleaned up the iPad to make room for more "grown up" apps.

No more monkey preschool lunchbox - I am most sad about this one! It was a big favorite of ours, but she has sadly outgrown it.

Here are some suggested apps, tested and approved by a savvy almost-kindergartner:

Where's My Water?
This was originally installed for me. I really enjoy the challenge of figuring out each level. I have gotten far enough to where it is really difficult, but Amelia can breeze through the first few levels. She is actually quite good! Pretty soon, she may beat me to the end.

Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique
Amelia still needs some help with the reading on this app, but they do a good job of using icons so she can get through it on her own if needed. She really enjoys making the clothes and choosing colors and patterns.

Jake's Neverland Pirate School
Another great app from Disney! It has several mini games and tasks to complete as you try to earn pirate points.

Dr. Panda collection
You can get several apps from the Dr. Panda collection. Help to run an animal daycare, assist the animals at the grocery store, grow a garden, maintain a restaurant... I can't tell you which is her favorite, but the absolutely loves all of these.

Angry Birds
Anyone can play Angry Birds!

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