Thursday, August 7, 2014

She put us in the trash

Amelia is on day four of first grade today! She is exhausted from a busy week and very early wake-up times, but she is enjoying school. She comes home from school and plays school; that's always a good sign in our house!

I wonder if her first grade teacher will put her in the trash?

When I was in first grade at a very small private school, my first grade teacher put me in the trash. Literally. She was slightly plump, full of energy, always smiling - and energetic. When we needed a break from thinking and working, she would often sweep us off our feet and spin. Or fly us across the room. And once or twice, she plopped a couple of us right down into the trash can! Six year olds love silliness, and we thought it was hilarious. I am thirty years older now but I still remember her.

She left our school in the middle of my first grade year. I cried. I was so very worried that our replacement educator would not be fun. That was one of my very first hard lessons that things change.

For the record, the replacement teacher was also very sweet. She taught us well and we had fun. I don't think she dunked me in the trash can, but I do remember some dancing. First grade was entertaining "back in the day"!

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What grade is your child going to be in? Share a memory you have of yourself at that same age.

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