Friday, August 29, 2014

More chips and dip!

My area recently got a new Chuy's restaurant. There was quite a bit of excited chatter from friends who knew of this tex-mex establishment. I missed the media preview night, but the people at Chuy's were so wonderful to send me a gift card so I could try it myself and tell you all about our opinion.

I cannot do a better or more in-depth review than my friend over at Redhead Baby Mama. She gives the whole inside scoop from media night, from decor, to chips, to drinks, to the very tiny freezer. (Only the French fries are frozen here - they believe in fresh, fresh, fresh!) Great photos too!

Chuy's Mexican Food Is More Than A Kitschy Face 

So, I forgot to take photos when I dined out with my family recently. I was too busy stuffing chips in my face. And ever since, I have been craving creamy jalapeño dip! I am not a fan of very spicy foods, and this had the perfect tiny bit of kick with a flavor I can't quite describe. All I know is, I want more. Chuy's offers bottomless chips and creamy jalapeño dip at your table. In addition, the Nacho Car (a nacho bar made out of a vintage car) is FREE every day from 4p - 7p with taco meat, other toppings, and a variety of dips including queso and Boom Boom Sauce. We basically pigged out on dips and loaded chips. So much so, that I wasn't hungry for dinner!

I did manage to eat one of my steak soft tacos. The meat was tender and very good, and I wish I had more room in my belly. The rice was flavorful and moist as well. It made for a good take-home lunch for the next day. My opinion of Chuy's? A great family or happy hour place. It is noisy (in a fun way), colorful, and a perfect place to unwind and celebrate a good day with great food - and did I mention completely addictive warm chips and dip?!  Yum.

We forgot to look for the bowling pins also (see the link above). I'll have to do that with the kiddo next time! If I ever stop eating chips... did I mention those? 

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