Monday, August 4, 2014

The back-to-school knot in my belly

Why is this so difficult every single year?

My belly is knotted up with tension as we take those first (since summer) steps down the school hallway. I nervously take in the elements of the new classroom. I enthusiastically meet the new teacher - maybe a bit too enthusiastically, because I am trying to stifle my nervousness. I anxiously scan for the child faces we recognize and make note of those we do not know.

Outwardly, Amelia seems more comfortable with the situation. But when she reaches out to put her hand in mine, I know she is feeling it too. Her hand is as comforting to me as mine is to her.

First grade will be yet another new adventure. I know she will conquer it with ease and grace, but the mama bear in me just wants to hold on for a little while longer. How will I make it through when she no longer reaches for my hand?

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