Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's with the giant "nerd" glasses?

My leisurely browse through Pinterest for cute back-to-school photos ideas just turned sour. Giant oversized glasses are a thing now?

My daughter began wearing glasses at a young age. She endured three eye muscle surgeries and too many ophthalmology appointments (see past BalancingMama eyes posts), but she is now doing awesome and she looks gorgeous in her frames. She knew from the beginning that glasses made her a little bit different; no preschoolers had glasses and she was the only one in her kindergarten class also. Daddy and I were diligent in making sure that Amelia understood the whys and the hows of her lenses and frames - and I tossed my contacts too. Like daughter, like Mama!

Goofy photos of glasses as a prop can send a bad message to a child who is struggling to accept his or her glasses. The whole "nerd" theme that is out there now on clothes, posters, even Mickey Mouse items? It annoys me. Stop it.

Please, nix these photo ideas this year...

Really, Babble?

You can't stop laughing?

Photos from Pinterest. No, I did not link to them. If you are desperate to pin them, do a search. But seriously... please don't. 


  1. My oldest daughter started wearing glasses at the age of 3 and some times she loves wearing them and sometimes she doesn't.

    In regards to the children wearing giant nerd glasses, it doesn't bother me much since I haven't really given it any thought. But I see your point.

    1. I get that the idea is that they are oversized, but the youngest kids do not always understand that. They see a "funny" photo of a child in glasses and people laughing about it. Just something I'm sensitive to, I guess! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Thanks for providing another perspective. I've never thought about it that way. I've always thought the glasses trend was cute (albeit a bit overdone) and meant to convey being smart and studious or being a nerd in a good way. Of course, I've worn glasses forever and consider myself a pretty cool nerd. LOL. But, it is definitely important to think about what messages we are sending to young kids and the ways in which our seemingly harmless tactics might affect their self esteem. Do you think that your daughter thinks or would think that the pictures are poking fun at kids who wear glasses?

    1. She has asked me about it in the past and she says she "doesn't like when they do that" in photos. She also wonders why the only bespectacled characters in kids' movies are usually the sniveling dorky ones. It sends the message that glasses change who you are.

  3. I understand where you are coming from. I remember my brother being teased in school for having glasses this size. I can understand how things like this can make your baby uncomfortable.

  4. Heather8/17/2014

    I totally agree! My 4 year old daughter started wearing glasses at 3 1/2 for strabismus, needless to say she's usually the only child her age in any setting wearing glasses. Most of the time she gets masses of compliments on them from other children and adults alike, but it is annoying when wearing glasses is supposed to indicate you're a nerd, uncool, geeky, etc. It's such an old idea, can we move on already?


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