Friday, July 4, 2014

So, she got a new passport photo...

Amelia isn't going to find out for a while, but she will be joining us at Beaches Turks and Caicos in the fall for an amazing #BeachesMoms long weekend! Her passport is expired; the photo on it was taken when she was nine months old for our extended family trip to Europe. I guess it's a good thing that children's passports only last five years - how silly would it be to have a baby photo for a now walking, talking, reading little girl?

Last weekend, we took the kids to Walgreens for passport photos. We want to renew both kids on the same year moving forward, so we got Andrew a passport pic as well (this calls cruising in our future, I think!). Amelia was not very interested in this process. She was tired from a busy summer day, hungry, and totally disheveled. She wanted to go home to play. Her hair was a bit crazy, she had a black pen mark on her face a' la fake Cindy Crawford (I failed at removing it), and she flat out refused to smile.

So now the child has a new passport photo. For the next five years, this is the one she will live with. And if the cops ever need a good mug shot of my kid? Well, here you go.


On the bright side? This is going to make me laugh for the next five years.

I love this kid.

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