Monday, July 21, 2014

Conquering @SixFlagsOverGA with 3 kids and a baby: The VIP Way!

A day at a Six Flags theme park is quite a big event for any family. Parents get info and tickets online, plan the day, pack the backpack, and get the kids all hyped up with anticipation prior to the outing.And perhaps a few mamas obsessively check the weather forecast - as I did, since we had some pretty significant threats of rain and/or thunderstorms.

When you have such a big day planned, you want it all to be perfect. Unfortunately for us, the weather disagreed yesterday. But the theme park adventure was totally salvaged, not to mention extremely comfortable, thanks to our private cabana at the new Six Flags Over Georgia Hurricane Harbor waterpark.

Hurricane Harbor opened in late May 2014, a brand-new free adventure within the Six Flags Over Georgia theme park (See prior post "Yes, it's fun! More facts about Hurricane Harbor" or the Six Flags Over Georgia website for more info).

The private cabanas at Six Flags Over Georgia are beach-themed, right next to the awesome wave pool at Hurricane Harbor, and loaded with extras like a fridge stocked with six bottles of water, comfortable chairs, tables, a huge storage locker to keep your belongings safe and sound, a concierge, and food service. Cabana visitors do not have to lift a finger, except to have fun! No gratuities are accepted so except for the price of food, the cost of the cabana includes all the extras: the friendly service, lock box, water, breeze, your own shoreline, two tube rentals, and privacy.

We arrived at the theme park at opening time yesterday, which gave us about 90 minutes to hit some rides before the water park opening. The threatening weather was holding off, but the threat was enough to keep some of the ride lines short. Amelia has only recently reached 48 inches tall, but she showed total bravery.

She and a friend rode the Gotham City swings, MindBender, Dahlonega Mine Train, and Great American Scream Machine - some of them twice!  We checked into our private cabana, #6, around 12:30 pm. The rain had just begun and unfortunately, Hurricane Harbor closed temporarily due to lightning in the area. The timing, however, could not have been better. It was lunchtime. We had a cabana with a roof and ceiling fan, and we ordered off the cabana menu so we could eat in dry comfort while the weather passed. The food was brought to us quickly and it was hot and delicious. The cabana also provided a fantastic, out-of-the-way location for the baby to take a nap. While we chowed down on lunch, he snoozed.

Summer storms in Atlanta are usually pretty quick, so the waterpark and other rides were open again before we knew it. The cabana was in a perfect location for a home base. The kids could splash or try out water slides and also pop out with an adult to try the nearby rides, like the kid-friendly ones on the hill (carousel, hanson cars, hot air balloons, etc.) or the Great American Scream Machine. The dads even snuck out for a moment to fly on Superman! We did not have to worry about our towels, wet swimsuits, or other belongings because we were able to leave them in the included lock box. I was able to remain with the baby several times while they played and he stayed cool and relaxed. He also enjoyed lounging with me on our private shoreline so he could giggle at so many children splashing and squealing.

A theme park day is a big adventure and it can be pricey for families. But I highly recommend one more splurge on a cabana, especially if there is a threat of bad weather. We had another brief closure later that afternoon and while everyone else was miserably huddled in gift shops or under picnic umbrellas? We played storytelling games and ordered a funnel cake! The cabana absolutely saved the day for us yesterday. And if you are lucky to get a warm and sunny day at the park, the cabana provides shade and a cool breeze. It can be extremely hot in Georgia and shade is a true luxury. No matter the weather, the Hurricane Harbor cabanas are a special VIP experience, our own little quiet paradise "home base" for an extraordinary day of fun.

- - -
My family received complimentary tickets to Six Flags Over Georgia from a recent Six Flags press event, and they offered us a complimentary cabana for the purposes of a review. As always, all opinions are 100% mine.
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