Monday, July 28, 2014

It's all mine: An exercise in putting yourself first #moms

Here is an experiment for the moms out there. Take a moment to answer this question:

If you were given $1,000 to spend in one day, what would you buy?

Once you have answered the question for yourself, think about your answers. How many of you first thought to buy something for someone else? For your kids, perhaps? Maybe something for the husband or friends? Or maybe you thought of a fun way for the family to enjoy something together. I really wonder how many of you thought of at least one someone who isn't you

I would spend my $1,000 on my family members first, with some kind of gift for myself with the remainder. The first trip to a store would be for new clothes for Amelia and Andrew. Maybe a couple items to fit them now, with a stock-up splurge on the next size up. I'd buy some diapers and toys for the baby plus books to read and an iTunes gift card my girl. I'd find a few new shirts for my husband, maybe a small gadget or casual watch that he has been eyeing. I would definitely take us all to lunch - and dinner too.  I might get a few new clothes for myself, but I would definitely be fourth on my list of the recipients.

Now, the question is altered:

If you were given $1,000 to spend in one day but could only spend it on yourself, what would you buy? 

Isn't that fun? It's actually difficult for me to push away the other people in my mind. I'd have to create a day of pure selfishness, of me and only me. I am not used to that - I have a feeling most busy moms might feel this way. After a moment of hesitation, this is a very enjoyable exercise! 

I would eat in a quiet corner of my favorite upscale restaurant. I would indulge in a hot stone massage at the spa. I would have the house cleaned top to bottom. I would get several new clothing items and at least one pair of new shoes. And before my time was up, I would check myself into a nice hotel and enjoy the crisp white linens and cozy silence. I doubt I would even use the hotel pool or sauna; I'd enjoy sprawling diagonally across the king bed for a nap instead. 

What would you do if you spent $1,000 in one day only on yourself? 

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