Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Favorite decor highlighting the "reason for the season" #Christmas

When I was in the holiday shopping traffic the other day with Amelia, I mentioned to her that shopping and buying are not the meaning of Christmas. Her reply? "I know, it's presents!"

Alas, it has been too long since private church preschool. I realized that, other than her art projects from her former preschool, our Chirstmas decor in the home was all exceedingly commercial. Therefore, I launched 'Operation Bring Baby Jesus Back' in the house.

A friend recently posted a photo on Instagram of a perfect Advent calendar - a nativity scene that you build upon each day, with cute little stuffed figures that reside in pockets until their given day. I searched online and found that it is made by Vermont Christmas Company and I could order the nativity Advent calendar via Amazon.com. Yes to free shipping!

The calendar now hangs on the door to our deck, in the hustle bustle area of the kitchen so we can remember it each day. Amelia is having fun adding a character each morning, and we talk about the shepherds, kings, angels, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. The calendar is really big and I love that. It is now a perfect eye-catching and fun keepsake to hang up year after year.

Speaking of preschool Christmas art, I still hang this one by the front door - an adorable hanging angel banner. Amelia made it with the help of teachers during her final year of pre-K. The banner was made with blue felt, white and brown paint, puffy glitter paint, and thick white and silver wired ribbon. Plus some hot glue to adhere the ribbon for wings and a black Sharpie pen for the eyes and mouth. After the banner is created and dried, fold down the top of the felt so a wooden dowel can slide through. Finally, tie on shiny cord for hanging. It is a cute and pretty hanging for a lovely family Christmas keepsake. Don't you just love kid art?

Christmas is on its way! 2014 was pretty much a blur.

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