Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sometimes you've gotta have "Thanksmas"

We traveled for Thanksgiving this year, up the interstate to Tennessee. It was a chance for my entire family to be together since my sister and her family were able to travel at the same time. The baby boys have been antsy and bored with the colder weather, and since we were all together with no work or appointment distractions... we decided on "Thanksmas"!

At first, my littles played with the old toys that Grandma has saved for all these years. Tell me you remember this Holly Hobbie play kitchen! It's 30 years old but still a hit!

And, of course, this one can almost always be found in her natural state. Reading 3rd grade level books at age six. She can't get enough!

Thursday morning dawned and shortly afterward, cousin Logan arrived! The boys are exactly six months apart in age and they are already working on becoming buddies. No tears! Progress.

So, Thursday was our Thanksmas. Thanksgiving plus Christmas! A dream come true for both adult bellies and child excitement.

My sister and I brought our gifts for the kids. We were finished with shopping early thanks to the wonders of online ordering and shipping right to our front doors. The children were excited by the colorful wrapping and exciting toys and books. Now they have some items to keep them occupied for one month until they receive even more goodies from other family and the jolly old man, Santa.

This mama likes "Thanksmas" a lot. It spreads out the gifts so the children don't get overwhelmed and we can extend the new-toy playtime for two whole months! Plus, any time where we are all able to be together as a big family is the most special, regardless of the date on the calendar. 

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