Sunday, January 25, 2015

An unforgettable Cars birthday via #DisneySide Home Celebration (and @MariettaPizza)

I received party supplies and other free products to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration from Disney Parks and MomSelect. All opinions are 100% my own.
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Our little one is almost... one! He had quite the celebration over the weekend with 40-some guests in our home, Disney Pixar's Cars décor galore, cake, and twelve hot, gooey pizzas from a delicious local shop.

One secret to making your themed party really "pop" is to concentrate all décor in one main area. The teams at Disney Parks and MomSelect generously sent a 20-pound box of #DisneySide Home Celebration goodies which arrived just in time to incorporate into our personal festivities for the little guy. I originally had plans to place decoration in the foyer, basement, and kitchen. I am so glad that I opted, instead, to focus everything in the kitchen area which is really the heart of any home party. It was really quite the Cars extravaganza!

 Some of the party supplies included in my shipment were these themed cups:

Also in the complimentary supplies were the Lightning McQueen cupcake stand and cute little snack buckets. Since I was getting a large sheet cake, I did not have cupcakes to place on the stand. Instead, I filled the treat buckets with candy that served as a little take-home treat for the kiddos.

Pinterest had some really fun Cars characters party printables, but the foods were specific, like "McQueen Mac & Cheese". Since I was just having a few snacks, pizza, and cake, those did not work for me. So I made my own more general labels. "Mater's Munchies", "Sally's Snacks", and "Fillmore's Fruit", for example. It is really easy to make your own printable Cars party signs at home! That way you can always customize to your own Cars party needs.

Some of our other party décor included the die-cast Cars (I purchased these from the Disney Store), which later went on the cake just before we burst into the "happy birthday" song:

The cake turned out perfect! I requested red and yellow border and a road across. The ladies in our Publix Bakery made it exactly as ordered. I put a few green sprinkles (also from the @Home Celebrations kit) across the bottom of the cake for a bit of extra color and placed a homemade checkered flag on the end, with the die-cast Cars characters on top. Of course Lightning McQueen was winning the race!

The birthday boy, his big sister, and lots of friends of all ages enjoyed the festivities and food! A big thank you also to Marietta Pizza Company. This Atlanta-area pizzeria has delicious pizza, sandwiches, and salads, and the management was so kind as to provide the pizza for our big day. Follow @MariettaPizza on Twitter and @mariettapizzacompany on Instagram for news and info about such a fantastic small business.

Other items in our box Disney love included items from HP, Wisk, Snuggle, and Twinings of London. I was able to provide surprise gifts for the adult guests to take home, which was so much fun! If you want to have your own Disney themed party, be sure to visit the #DisneySide @Home Celebrations website for lots of ideas! The site provides recipe ideas, activities, and themed fun.

We love you, little man! Happy birthday once again.

- - -
Party supplies and pizza were provided for the event from Disney Parks/MomSelect and Marietta Pizza Company. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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