Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dressing up outfits with jewelry

I received two jewelry sets from Luxury Jewellery, a European jeweler, for a review. All opinions are 100% mine.

2014 ended with the dropping of balls, fireworks, and music. How was the year for you?

I have friends who had the time of their lives and others who are gladly pushing the year out the door. For me, 2014 was a big change. It began with the birth of our baby boy nearly six years after our daughter. I also took the leap to working entirely from home. No more fighting traffic for 90 minutes to be in an office for a few hours, just to leave again to make it to school carpool line on time.

Both of these major changes have obliterated my wardrobe. My body is a weird shape now and it seems it is here to stay. I am beginning to accept that nothing I own will ever fit well again. Also, because I do not work in an office, I have slipped into the comfort zone. I do not own business pants that fit my new smooshy waistline. I do not have a flattering dress. My feet revolt at the thought of heels.

I resolve to try to dress things up more often. Looking less frumpy will make me feel better about myself and the unknowns of where my new life will lead. While I seek out new clothes, piece by piece, I am learning to accept the fit of my existing pieces and dressing them up as I can by accessorizing. I purchased a few inexpensive long necklaces at a department store which can dress up a sweater or plain long-sleeved shirt instantly.

I was happy to accept a review opportunity with Luxury Jewellery because the timing could not be better! I received the Crystal Tri Set and the Live, Love, Dance, Sing Bracelet Set.

The Tri Set includes a 39cm crystal necklace, 19cm crystal bracelet, and crystal stud earrings for fancier occasions, like my husband's upcoming office party. They scheduled it for mid-January to avoid the hustle and bustle of December, and I am so glad I received this jewelry set in time. I can wear the sparkling Tri Set with my brand new faux wrap red dress! I like that the Tri Set has sparkle for a semi-formal occasion but it isn't big or gaudy, which just isn't "me".

The Live, Love, Dance, Sing Bracelet set is cute and perfect for everyday wear. The four inspirational bracelets read: Sing... as though no one can hear you. Live... as though heaven is on earth. Love... as though you have never been hurt before. Dance... as though no one is watching you. The sentiments provide inspirational thoughts as we head into a new year, and it is advice I can definitely apply to my own adventures in working motherhood. These silver style bracelets would make a lovely heartfelt gift for a friend or any stylish woman who could use a pick-me-up.   

Both items arrived in pretty pouches which would be ideal if giving as a gift. I am pleased with the simple design of both pieces and I look forward to dressing up my wardrobe with them!

2015 will be my year of adding sparkle where I can. I will lose my remaining 10 pounds and feel better about myself. Dressing up is a good start!
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