Monday, January 26, 2015

It has been one year... #happybirthday

Dear baby boy,

Today marks one full year since my title changed to "mom of two". One full year since your sister shed her title of "only child" and instead became the best big sister ever. It has been one year since the snow and ice rocked our plans for bringing you home and since Grandma and Granddad managed to get your sister safely home from school that crazy afternoon. One full year has passed since Daddy nervously watched you come into the world in a way we had not experienced or planned; in an operating room.

Upon seeing your little newborn face, my first words were, "oh, he's CUTE!". And little guy, you have certainly lived up to that assessment! Your sister refers to you as the cutest baby in the entire world and your smiles and chatter ensure that we make new friends everywhere we go.

Your face is cute and your personality is strong. One day in the future, you will learn that we called you "Hurricane Andrew", so named after the third strongest hurricane in US history. But we nicknamed you lovingly, amazed by your ability to investigate absolutely everything. You keep me on my toes daily, but your inquisitive nature means you will learn and grow and become someone great. 

You changed our lives forever very early in the morning one year ago. You are a shining star that we cannot imagine our world without. Thanks for being silly and sweet and happy and even difficult at times. Keep being you throughout your life and you will go far.

We all love you so much! Happy birthday, my baby boy. Wishing you many, many more years of joy and wonder and giggles.

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