Monday, June 1, 2015

Mommy & Me Monday: The winter white, beachy windblown look #familytravel

How do people look good at the beach?

Is it some kind of misleading false conspiracy?

When I am at the beach, my hair is windblown and frizzy (even if I pull it back, it has a mind of its own), my arms tend to have a bit of "farmer tan" from usual wearing of short sleeves, my legs are winter white (year-round, unfortunately) and I am certainly not lounging attratcively in a chaise while sipping an iced drink. 

So, I usually stay out of photos. However, since today is another Mommy and Me Monday with my friend Krystyn, I will share our family photo. Memorial Day weekend was a lot of fun at Isle Of Palms in South Carolina. Our schedule was this: eat, beach, swim, eat, sleep, repeat. Not a bad start to the summer season!

So what if the photo is not worthy of a Christmas card? It is not posed at dusk by a sand dune in windless conditions with everyone wearing matching colors. That would not show the real "us", anyway. We mix chaos, casual, and a little bit of dirt - pretty much all of the time.

Happy Monday!

You can share your (good or not-so-good) mommy and me photos also. Hop on over to Really, Are You Serious every Monday!

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