Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Best of Six Flags Whitewater: guide to summer fun

If you want a splashing, thrilling, family-fun destination for a sunny summer day, look no further than Six Flags Whitewater in Marietta, GA (Atlanta). The park mixes the right amount of sun, waves, rides, and tree-lined paths - plus great food, comfortable cabanas, and a lot of giggles and screams.

Summer fun may be a little bit different for every family, but here are some of the must-do moments you should seek out at Six Flags Whitewater, as chosen by some of my favorite kid correspondents (my daughter, age 7, and her friends, 8-year-old Jack and 5-year-old Lily).

Dive Bomber - this is the newest, tallest, and possibly most frightening ride at Whitewater today. Dive Bomber is a brand new upgrade of the former Cliffhanger slide, now taller than before and with a heart-pounding floor-dropping launch. Go ahead, be brave: step inside the capsule 100 feet in the air and wait for the countdown.... then speed nearly 90 degrees down in a perfect splash. Dive Bomber was the favorite of the day for the two biggest kids. Even I tried it! The capsule is terrifying, but once you give the "go", it really is a fun experience.

Bahama Bob Slide - this 6-person family tube ride was the favorite of our smaller correspondent (and both moms). Bahama Bob slide is extra fun if you load it with people for optimal speed. We loved that all five of us could ride together! The tube careens down six stories of water, turns, and drops. And you never know who will end up backwards!

100-Meter Splash - With a minimum height requirement of 36" and six lanes of slides, this was another slide that gave us an opportunity to ride together. To enjoy this one, grab one of the super slick mats and ride on your belly, head first. If you want a chance to win the race, be ready to give yourself a hearty push with a foot as the whistle blows. I won the race both times we tried this one... but alas, I fear that just means I weighed the most. Or we can call it a true talent. 100-meter splash has warm water due to the shallow depth and the line (if there is one) moves quickly. 

Tornado - This thrill ride gets points as my favorite of the day. Despite the struggle of hauling a 4-person tube up the stairs with only smaller children to help me (and some sore shoulders today), the speeding, sliding, dropping experience was so worth it! I don't think I could haul the tube up the stairs more than once without another adult for assistance, but I am definitely glad we tried this one. The action is fast and intense as you drop, swish up and down the funnel walls, and shoot out the end.

My list of "bests" at Six Flags Whitewater could be long. I didn't even mention the variety of foods and snacks... we indulged in a funnel cake sundae and Dippin Dots after our lunch of three kinds of chicken strips (buffalo, teriyaki, and plain) and three kinds of french fries (garlic, cheddar bacon, and plain). I admit, we did not select a single low-calorie option, but we got our exercise from walking and climbing stairs to the fantastic rides. No guilt here! 

My sincere thanks to the Six Flags Over Georgia team for hosting a wonderful Media & VIP day. The weather looked ominous, but turned out to be perfect for the day and we enjoyed five hours of great thrills and laughs. It was an absolute summer success to kick off the month of June!

Go visit. Plan several hours there (we could have stayed a couple more if it weren't for a babysitter deadline) and do not miss Dive Bomber! If I can do it, you can too. 

I was provided admission for five, lunch, snacks, and drinks at no charge for the Media Day event. 
However, as always, all opinions are 100% mine.
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