Thursday, June 18, 2015

What I learned by "going back to work" this week #WAHM

Being a mom is both a joy and a struggle, probably for all of us. My kids are my world and I would lay down my life for either of them if they were in serious danger. And while I am often desperate to get away from them, I find myself rushing back to their arms as soon as possible afterward.

I made my working mom decisions at various points over the past seven years. First, when I fell so in love with a part-time preschool for Amelia (now seven) that I left a really great job at an awesome TV network. Another time, with Andrew (17 months), when I decided to stop commuting into the city and take the plunge into consulting work. 

This week, I was able to go to a client meeting for the first time in a really long time. I stepped off the elevator feeling confident in my new comfortable summer dress and cute sandals, was greeted warmly by an old friend, and received some attention from the quietly sweet shaggy office dog. I did not have to "perform" in the meeting, and it was fun to dig into strategies and challenges and learn what this client faces. I left with a potentially big opportunity and some serious nerves. Time will tell what comes out of the meeting and if my "piece of the pie" is a big one. Or if it exists at all.

Despite the 80-minute drive back home (thanks, Atlanta), the check I had to write to the babysitter, and hungry kids pulling on my leg the moment I walked through the door, I am glad I jumped in and accepted the meeting. 

I learned that I can transition back into the big, scary working world again one day. 

I learned that I do not have to hide behind emails and the comfort of my own home. 

I learned that I've still "got it", and my mind was buzzing the entire evening afterwards. 

I learned that I like getting out of the house, but I was reminded that I detest Atlanta rush hour - which begins around 3:30 and doesn't let up until 7:00. 

I learned that outside-of-the-home working mothers reap some benefits and face some significant additional challenges, like "what's for dinner?" within three seconds of crossing the threshold (with nerves still shot from over an hour of traffic in a 20-mile commute).

I learned that opportunities are out there, if I am willing to figure out how to make them work and put on my brave face. And the decision to take those opportunities? Is all mine.

Moms, whatever type of opportunity you wish for or are facing right now, whether it is work or something else, go for it. Listen to the roar in your heart and take a step down the path that points you there. 

You may learn something! 

- - -
Linking up to the fabulous weekly Writer's Workshop here with Kat Bouska.. I chose the prompt: What did you learn this week?   

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