Sunday, July 12, 2015

The terrible 18 months

Our little guy is a few days shy of 18 months old. We are right smack in the middle of "the terribles". He is becoming more vocal each day, making different sounds and perfecting his pointing, grunts, and a few words and signs. Unfortunately, it still isn't enough for us to understand what he desires. He gets extremely frustrated!

 Apparently, "the terribles" do not have to begin at age two. 18 months is just about right.

Reasons to meltdown include...
  • Mommy gave me a fork instead of a spoon (with my chicken nuggets)
  • Mommy won't give me her iPhone
  • Mommy is trying to wash the dishes
  • Mommy is trying to cook dinner
  • Mommy walked three feet away from me
  • Mommy won't turn on the TV
  • Mommy won't give me a sip of her coffee
  • Mommy is trying to work
  • Mommy is sitting on the couch (instead of the floor)

Yep... it's basically all MY fault!

Whew, all of that crying can be exhausting! Sometimes the TV is a life saver. No apologies here.

Linking up to Mommy and Me Monday with Really, Are You Serious - who happens to be enduring some 18 month "terribles" herself! Baby B and A just might be conspiring against us.



  1. Don't I know it! The tantrums are fun! And now she points vaguely and says "that" and you have to go through everything in the vacinity and guess what she wants!

    1. It was nice to get away from babies last night! Great seeing you :)

  2. I'm trying to (momentarily) block the "terribles" from my mind until we reach that milestone again. LOL But I get it. Oh the craziness. Maybe if they start at 18mo, they'll end it earlier? *fingers crossed*

    1. I sure hope it ends earlier. My daughter is a word whiz and was communicating so much more than he is at this age. He prefers to grunt and then scream at me so far.

  3. Everything is Mommy's fault around here too, lol. We can't do anything right, can we?!

  4. Poor guy. Red started his twos early, too. But the THREEs were worse for us. Every kid is different. I hope y'all both find some relief soon.


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