Thursday, July 2, 2015

10 reasons: I wish to be a kid again

Who has it better, adults or kids? 

While adults get to stay up late and basically eat whatever they want (like a milkshake for dinner), I think I'd like to be a kid again. 

Why it's better to be a kid...
  • You have a chauffeur
  • You have a chef
  • You have a maid (sometimes, anyway)
  • You have a nurse when sick
  • You DON'T have to navigate office politics
  • You DON'T pay taxes
  • You DON'T need money for gasoline
  • When you feel like crying, you cry. 
  • You get summers "off"
  • You get more gifts for birthdays and holidays 

If my daughter and I could switch places for a day, I would request a lot of snacks, talk almost non-stop, eat dessert after dinner, and leave Moon Dough crumbs all over the floor. Then I'd ask to read books at night and sleep with a soothing sound machine and one dozen stuffed animals. 

What do you think, grown-up or kid?

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