Thursday, July 2, 2015

10 reasons: I wish to be a kid again

Who has it better, adults or kids? 

While adults get to stay up late and basically eat whatever they want (like a milkshake for dinner), I think I'd like to be a kid again. 

Why it's better to be a kid...
  • You have a chauffeur
  • You have a chef
  • You have a maid (sometimes, anyway)
  • You have a nurse when sick
  • You DON'T have to navigate office politics
  • You DON'T pay taxes
  • You DON'T need money for gasoline
  • When you feel like crying, you cry. 
  • You get summers "off"
  • You get more gifts for birthdays and holidays 

If my daughter and I could switch places for a day, I would request a lot of snacks, talk almost non-stop, eat dessert after dinner, and leave Moon Dough crumbs all over the floor. Then I'd ask to read books at night and sleep with a soothing sound machine and one dozen stuffed animals. 

What do you think, grown-up or kid?

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  1. HAHAH!!!
    Yes it's the eating without reserve. My child can eat whatever and not worry about things like saddle bags and the potential for adulthood constipation.
    Oh and taxes - what and the energy....oh the energy....
    They have no idea how lucky they are and I hope they enjoy every loving second of it :)
    Such a sweet post.

  2. I love this list. Mine was very similar, but yours reminded me of how wonderful it would be to sleep in my children's bedroom. It is so calm and quiet and peaceful and full of comfortable, soft things to sleep with. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. And the bummer of it all is that you don't even APPRECIATE that stuff until you're grown and don't have it anymore!


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