Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A conversation with Amelia

My child is a talker. And a singer too. And an eater. In fact, the only time she's not singing or talking is when she's enjoying snack time - which in our house occurs a gazillion times a day.

Amelia especially likes to talk & sing in the car. Her favorite performances include:

(1) What I'm seeing out the car window
(2) Mommy! mommy! mommy!
(3) The names of my school friends
(4) Counting objects

Here's a loose transcript of my conversation with my sweet almost 2-year-old daughter on the way home from preschool today:

Mommy: "Did you have fun at school today?"

Amelia: "Yes. Play! Kitty! Emily!"

Mommy: "Oh, did you get to play outside?"

Amelia: "Uh huh. Play! Toys!"
Amelia: "One, two, free... cars. Blue car! Truck! Wash car. Mommy car. Clean. Soapy."

Mommy: "Yes, we did wash mommy's car this weekend. It is clean!"

then we pass a little farm with some llamas...

Amelia: "Am-i-nals! Look! Mommy! MOMMMMMY!"

Mommy: "I see the animals. Those are called llamas."

Ameila: "Llll-aaa-ma. I know. Sheep!"

Mommy: "Do you see a sheep?"

Amelia: "No."

Mommy: "Oh, okay."

Amelia: "Am-i-nals. Cars. One, two, free cars. Pink treeeeee!
Amelia: Clean car. Mommy car. Soapy."

Mommy: "Yes, clean car."

Amelia: "Play. School. Friends. Kitty! Emily! Tami! Eee-za-beh (Elizabeth). Harris? No Harris."

Mommy: "No, Harris is our neighbor. He doesn't go to your school."

Amelia: "Oh." (pause.....) "French fries?"

This kid is just random. But it cracks me up and makes me smile. By the end of the day, I'm really tired of talking and listening to talking. But I also feel very blessed that I get the share all the exciting things that happen in Amelia's cute little head.
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