Monday, March 1, 2010

Mommy survey - what do you do "wrong"?

My kid watches television. Every day.

For all my talk about trying to be as "perfect" as I can be for her, I had to let that out there. I read the books, check the baby advice websites, teach her everything I can, and generally work my butt off to keep her happy & healthy.

But I let her watch TV.

According to most parenting experts, this is my big screw-up. Amelia loves her shows. She doesn't sit practically comatose in front of the screen. Generally she's up running around while watching at the same time. And she doesn't watch anything that isn't age-appropriate. Nor does she watch for hours on end.

Amelia watches about 45 minutes in the morning while she's eating and I'm getting myself (or her school bag/lunch) ready. And she watches an hour in the evening while snacking and waiting for me to cook dinner. By that time of day, she doesn't want to play independently and pretty much drives me crazy. Television is the ONLY way I can cook our family dinner. It's television or starve. That's how I see it.

So sue me. Call me a bad mom. She's brilliant, healthy, and gets tons of human interaction with me and her daddy every day. I'm not worried a bit.

But I am curious, mommies! What is your big mommy no-no? I bet we all have at least one!
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