Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preschool aggression continued...

Thanks for all the support & advice yesterday, my favorite readers!

I asked the teachers about Amelia saying "C bite", and they told me that she did show them a red mark on her arm during lunchtime. She was sitting next to C. The teachers did not see anything happen, and Amelia didn't cry. Just showed them the red mark on her arm. They thought maybe he pinched her. And he could have - I'm not sure how much stock to put in a 23-month-old's version of the story. They promised me they'd be extra vigilant in watching C. today, and assured me that biting is a serious offense and they handle it promptly and with authority.

Amelia pushed two kids in class today. Apparently for no reason whatsoever. She got herself another timeout. I do not want her school experience to turn her into a bully! Do you think she would have done this anyway? Maybe it's just her personality and her age. I hold out hope that as her communication continues to improve, our little talks about being nice will sink in her adorable little head.

I mean, come on... does this look like the face of aggression?


More like the face of silly cuteness, I would say.

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