Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hi ho, Hi ho, off to IKEA we go!

I get a little too excited about going to IKEA. Have you ever seen this store? It's really fun. It becomes a half-day event because it's all the way downtown, parking is crazy, and the store is freaking huge. But it's really fun to walk around.

I'm on a mission for a cute table & chairs for Amelia. My parents want to buy it for her 2nd birthday (coming up in only a few weeks - yikes!). Upon searching online, I found that 12" high chairs are much harder to find. Amelia is crazy tall (95-100th percentile for height), and I think a slightly higher chair will allow her to use & love the table for a long time.

I adore the chunky, fun look of the Mammut table:


I do wish the table and chair color would match, though. I'm holding out hope that the store will offer more color selections than the website. Steve is also going to IKEA, along with his veto power if he absolutely hates it. And Amelia will be our official "table tester". Her vote counts twice; she may be little, but she's important.

Anyway, IKEA is fun. I'm looking forward to our visit. Happy weekend!!!

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