Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy birthday to my girl!

Dear Amelia,

Happy birthday! You are such a big girl now. Two years old! Time has gone by so quickly since you were born. I look back at photos and barely remember that tiny, helpless baby you once were.

Now when I think of my Amelia, I recall a spunky, funny, and energetic toddler who loves to play. I know that you're struggling to grow up and assert your independence. I promise to let go of your hand when you need me to let go. But I will always be near to pick you up should you fall. I am proud of you for trying so many things all on your own, but also hope you are never afraid to ask for help. Daddy and I are always here for you, whether your needs be big or small. There is nothing we would not do for you.

Thank you, Amelia for being YOU. No one in this world could make me laugh so much every day. You really are funny. And smart. And the brightest ray of sunshine in my life.

Happy birthday!!!!

We love you, we love you. Morning, noon, and night. We love you, we love you! You make our worlds so bright!
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