Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She'll hate this story when she's 12

Amelia just treated me to the most revolting child moment so far in her 735 days of life. Spit-up, vomit, and diapers have nothing on this one.

Picture if you will, a quiet moment or two in our house. I'm enjoying a few moments of lounge time while Amelia plays nicely in the other room.

I ask, "Amelia? Are you doing OK?"

"Yes, Mommy!", Amelia replies.

Ahhhhhhhhh. I lean my head back and enjoy my rare moment of peace.

About 52 seconds later, here comes my girl. She shows me her hands. Alarms blare in my head. Amelia has something BROWN all over her hands.

"Moooooommy! I pooped!"


So now my ahhhhhhh.... moment has turned to AHHHHHHH!!!! My daughter stuck both of her hands down her dirty diaper. She is a smelly mess. It's even ground down into her fingernails. We rush to the bathroom for a serious scrubbing. I still feel grossed out by it.

Add this to the fact that she did not take one minute of nap today. May I go to bed now, please? We'll just start again tomorrow.
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