Saturday, April 24, 2010

Restaurant grumblings...

I don't cook on weekends. Maybe a sandwich lunch or an easy Sunday night something, but generally, I do not cook. I concentrate on grocery shopping and healthy meals for my family Monday through Friday morning. I look forward to my weekend break where someone else shops for the food, cooks the food, serves the food, and cleans up after us. So imagine my disappointment when two back-to-back restaurant dinners were really quite bad.

Not just the food, mind you. Although tonight my 6-ounce sirloin was as dry as a hockey puck (thanks, Outback) and last night's "cedar plank tilapia" (O'Charleys) was as bland as the wood it was cooked on.

Both times, I was greeted with a brand new menu. Both times, I knew what I had in mind to order and it was no longer available. Both times, I hoped to order something semi-healthy. It seems the new menu trend not only highlights higher prices, it highlights less nutrition-conscious food options. And don't even get me started on children's menus... I will continue to bring Amelia's food with us as long as I can. My kid eats green beans. And she loves fruit. Wheat crackers make her happy. Why does she only get to choose from fried, greasy, or even more fried everywhere we go? Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, or pizza? Fine selections now and then, but certainly not all weekend long. Not as long as she's willing to eat veggies instead.

Perhaps we're to blame for frequenting the mega-chain places. But those are our reality right now, given we are the proud parents of a spunky 2-year old who doesn't like to sit still. Ever.

I see an adult evening out in our future. Hopefully soon. Anyone want to borrow Amelia for a bit?
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