Monday, April 19, 2010

If 2-year olds ran the world...

Did you ever wonder what the world would be like if 2-year olds were in charge? No? Too scary? I totally agree.

But imagine it with me... a whole group of 2-year old leaders in mismatched clothing they picked out themselves. A few with shoes on the wrong feet and the others with no shoes at all. And at least one (probably mine) with no pants on.

They are fighting amongst themselves over snacks. And balls. And books. Demanding that the mommies all over the world cater to their whims, and cater to them NOW. Screaming until just the precise amount of ketchup has been placed exactly on their plate in the right place at lunchtime. Crying if the food in front of them is the least bit too warm. Or too cold. Smooshing cupcakes into their hair and watching hours of TV. The same show, over and over again. Terrorizing every cat within reach and trying to ride on all the large doggies.

Riding in cars with no car seats, just like the "big kids". Heck, they'd probably drive the cars themselves too. No naps, late bedtimes, and toddler chaos everywhere.

Wait a minute...

This isn't too far off from my actual reality. I think Amelia is gearing up to overthrow her mommy.

Uh oh.
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