Friday, December 10, 2010

Friends 2 Follow Friday: Truth About Motherhood

Having a fabulous Friday, friends? I'm looking forward to another weekend with no specific plans. It's nice just to do what we feel like at the moment. And if that means chilling in sweats with some movies playing, so be it.

Today's Friends 2 Follow Friday feature is Debi, the Truthful Mommy. I "met" her only recently, and have enjoyed seeing into her world via this great blog.

Blog name? The TRUTH about Motherhood

When was your blog born - and why? My blog was born May of 2009, as a way to build a writing portfolio and an online presence. But we moved and I didn't start blogging regularly until February of 2010, thats when I began growing a community and having readers, other than my family:) It's was when I was born again a Mommy Blog!

Twitter/Facebook?  Find Debi on TWITTER and on FACEBOOK

The writer behind the words - list 5 adjectives that describe you.
Honest (to a fault), Mouthy, Charming (or so I've been told), Happy, Funny

Something that recently made you laugh? My 5 year old telling me that Santa "probably" had spy cams in all the vents in the house. She scared me a lil bit too!

Your best holiday memory? The Christmas I was pregnant with my first, everything had new meaning and new magic and it has every since. My view of the world has changed. Another favorite is sitting in front of the fireplace watching the battle of the Nutcrackers marathon on Ovation every December with my little girls (who are dancers). Each year it takes on a new meaning to them. It is amazing and leaves me teary eyed and awe struck, every time!

If you had 2 hours of pure "me" time, what would you do? Go to a spa and have the works with a few glasses of wine, write, read a peace (one that isn't about child rearing)
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