Friday, December 31, 2010

My blog's second year

2011 is almost upon us. Just a few hours away from the NYC ball drop, the Atlanta peach drop, champagne toasts and kisses up & down the east coast. And I will enter the second year of this blog.

My first post was January 21st, 2010. Ramblings about balance and the various roles I was trying to play within my one life. I was feeling unhinged, inadequate, and stressed. But trying to keep my optimism. Trying to convince myself that I was capable of mommy "perfection".

2010 marked many milestones. I grappled with my lack of patience and learned how to improve my life's balance. Amelia's naptime retreated from our household way too early for my liking. And her terrible two's made a surprise - and early - appearance as well. Potty training began... and is still ongoing.

Thanks to my amazing and helpful husband, I enjoyed a long weekend in Jamaica with my sister. A few months later, family trauma and the death of my sweet kitty brought back some very unwelcome stress.

I have grown this year. I have learned to focus on myself. After hitting rock bottom with Amelia's tantrums and my complete inability to handle them, I got serious. Worked with her and became more of a team player with my husband. Everything is looking up. I finally feel like the scales have been tipped in favor of fun instead of exhaustion and anxiety.

I am happy to be a mommy.
It just took me a while to realize it.
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