Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hopes & Dreams

Wow, 2011 is here. Decades ago, people swore we'd be zipping around in spaceship cars and being served by robot butlers by now. We've seen some pretty amazing advancements in technology and medicine, but no spaceship car in my garage yet. And the only person serving me food and drink is... well... me.

My life has certainly changed since the 1980s and 1990s. I'm a (gasp!) grown-up now. I have a few gray hairs and some crinkles around my eyes. I'm a wife and a mom. A mom to a kid who is going to turn three this year. I've been out of college for twelve years.


Since it is that resolution time of year, I took a moment to think about my hopes and dreams for 2011.

  • I hope for even more inspiring progress by my sis-in-law. May she continue her road to independence and good health.
  • I have dreams of more family fun time and less anxiety in 2011. For myself and especially my overworked (awesome) husband.
  • I hope to hang out with my grandma again in 2011. She's a loving, spunky 99-year-old. She's a 10-hour drive away, and totally worth it.
  • I hope to have a fully potty-trained child by summer. And not just tinkles.. the stinky ones too.
  • I dream of the sparkle in Amelia's bright blue eyes as she experiences Disney World for the first time.
  • I hope for perfect spring weather when it's time for her 3rd birthday - and the party weekend to celebrate.
  • I dream of some oceanside fun, nourishing (and gut-busting) holiday meals, and the return of the magic and sparkle of Christmas. December 2010 was amazing. I can't wait to do it all again.
What are your hopes & dreams for the year?
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